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A Gift of Farm Fresh Produce

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Since July 2022, the Randolph Mass in Motion (MIM) initiative has formed a strong, collaborative partnership to support the Friendly Food Pantry. Over the past year, the pantry has seen an increase in the number of families they serve. While staff are able to source food items from food banks, there is not enough physical and cold storage space to hold large amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables. Residents visiting the pantry have expressed an ongoing desire for more fresh produce.

Understanding this need and recognizing Randolph’s Main Street Farmers Market schedule, Randolph Mass in Motion collaborated with Baystate Community Services, Inc. and Fairmount Farms to use funds to provide fresh produce to Friendly Food Pantry clients. Individual $10 vouchers were distributed to registered pantry visitors each of which may be redeemed at the Fairmount Farms stall at Main Street Farmers Market to receive fresh fruit, vegetables or other produce available that day.

Special thanks to Town Hall staff, Randolph Mass in Motion, Bay State Community Services, and Fairmount Fruit Farm for supporting an immediate need in our community.

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