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Non-perishable food items ASAP.

The Friendly Food Pantry typically receives about 4,500 pounds of food once a month from the Greater Boston Food Bank. This food, in addition to other donations, are distributed to 50-100 families per week in Randolph. We frequently supplement with food we purchase and/or we provide gift cards for meats and fresh vegetables when our on-hand supplies are insufficient.

On September 6, 2023, we were notified that our monthly delivery from Greater Boston Food Bank is cancelled due to staffing shortages on their end. They simply don't have enough people to load boxes and pallets and trucks for delivery to the food pantries they support.

These are our shelves today:

We have a critical need for donations ASAP. We typically distribute food to families in need on Mondays and this is what we have in stock. Can you help fill our shelves?

In person donations may be made to our facility at 1 Turner Lane in Randolph. There is a donation bin at side of the building (lower level) near the parking lot.

Donations are also gratefully accepted at Shaw's Grocery Store

on Memorial Parkway. There is a donation bin just outside of the exit doors.

We appreciate your time and consideration and know it may not be convenient to drop off groceries so we created an AMAZON WISH LIST. Go online, select items, pay and they'll be delivered to our doorstep.

Thank you for considering the needs of the community and helping to combat food insecurity. We appreciate you.

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