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Frequently Asked Questions


When are you open?

The pantry is open for food distribution every Monday in two time frames:



We are closed on specific holiday dates. See our HOURS & LOCATION page for more information.

Who can receive food?

Any resident of Randolph is welcome to receive food at the pantry.  

The Friendly Food Pantry of Randolph

sèvi rezidan Randolph sèlman

Chổ cung cấp thức ăn thân thiện của Randolph chỉ phục vụ Cư dân Randolph

Do you deliver food?

We are a volunteer run organization so our ability to deliver is limited. However, our goal is to serve families so if you are homebound, please check with us and we'll do our best to get groceries to you.Our friends at Quincy Community Action Plan make deliveries to homebound Randolph families. Contact them at  (617) 471-0796 or

Where else can I obtain food?

There are a number of food providers in and around Randolph. Some may require that you live in the specific community while others do not.  For a list of other options, please visit HERE.

You may also contact the Project Bread Food Source Hotline at  (800) 645-8333

Do you provide special meals for holidays and occasions?

The pantry provides special holiday meal distributions in November and December.  Watch our website and social media for distribution dates.  We're also working on establishing special meal distributions for other key holidays important to our community. Stay tuned for more information!

Do you provide non-food products?

The pantry sometimes has a limited supply of hygiene, baby and household products.

Please ask and if we have it on our shelves, we'll provide it.

Do you have non-English speakers helping?

We're working on providing all food pantry related documents in English, Vietnamese, Haitian Creole, Portuguese and Spanish.  While we do not have in-person translators available at this time, we try to use online translation services to help us communicate.

How do I apply for other benefits?

Women Infants Children (WIC) program in Randolph is on North Main Street. Check their website HERE

For information about SNAP benefits, eligibility and enrollment, visit HERE

For information about health benefits, visit HERE

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